Utility Clamps keep your samples upright

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Clamps keep a low profile in the laboratory yet we’re reminded quickly when they aren’t on hand. Utility clamps support your flasks, beakers, and burettes. They stabilise your sample containers, preventing possible breakage and sample loss.Cole-Parmer® Burette Clamp

Some specifics about utility clamps:

  • They are available in nickel-plated zinc or stainless steel construction. Stainless steel is your choice for high chemical resistance and increased strength
  • Single adjustment clamps are for standard use. Dual adjustment clamps offer greater flexibility over a wider range
  • They come with red nonslip vinyl sleeves and black fiberglass sleeves for temperatures above 100°C

Types of Utility Clamps

  • Two-Prong Extension Clamps are best for cylinders and similar types of labware
  • Three-Prong Extension Clamps
  • Closed-Yoke, Three-Prong Extension Clamps ’s full depth—no springs or internal workings to get in the way—and they are easier to clean and decontaminate
  • Fixed-Position Clamps are one-piece clamps that hold your labware at a fixed 90° angle for precise alignment of burettes, thermometers, and reflux condensers


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