Wastewater Treatment. How to Optimise Chemical Feeds

Masterflex Peristaltic Pumps from John Morris Scientific

As municipal and industrial wastewater treatment becomes more specialised and complex, precise dosing, chemical delivery, and product transfer is critical. Masterflex® peristaltic pumps provide versatile liquid chemical feed and fluid handling with high reliability for wastewater treatment operations.Masterflex® peristaltic pumps

Designed to handle the most demanding applications, Masterflex pumps are a viable alternative to diaphragm metering, lobe, gear and progressing cavity pumps in meeting the stringent challenges in wastewater treatment applications. How?

  • They eliminate the potential for vapour lock because the fluid pumped never touches the pump—it is occluded, or squeezed, through elastomer tubing. This squeezing action generates a powerful vacuum that moves both gases and liquids simultaneously, without clogging or producing vapour lock. Scale problems also are a non-issue because there are no valves or seats to foul in the fluid stream. There is no unscheduled downtime to bleed the lines of vapour locked pumps, no problems with scaling, and no valves or seats to clog or wear out.
  • Masterflex pumps offer optimal chemical resistance to handle virtually all chemical products for wastewater treatment. This includes sodium hypochlorite and other high strength chemical oxidants; extremely aggressive materials such as ferric chloride; shear sensitive products like polymers; and even lime slurries and other highly viscous and abrasive materials.


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