Which Desiccator is Best for Your Lab?

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From desiccators to glove boxes to incubators to environmental chambers, how do lab users decide which equipment you need? While some overlap in capabilities exists, each of these chambers offers distinct uses. Here’s an overview to ensure you get the functionality you need —without buying more than is really required.Cole-Parmer® Desiccator

Desiccators are the most basic of the four options. They are primarily used to store and dry moisture-sensitive and low-humidity samples. The desiccant placed within the canister absorbs water vapor from reactants that are hygroscopic. There are four types of desiccators:

  • Standard, which requires manual monitoring and operation. If the desiccant becomes saturated, it will need regeneration via heating or replacement.
  • Automatic features electric fans and heaters that regenerate the desiccant so manual monitoring is not necessary.
  • Gas purge provides a steady input of inert gas to reach relative humidity much quicker.
  • Vacuum employs a vacuum pump to remove air and moisture. For materials that can be damaged by air and need totally dry storage, the vacuum desiccator is the most secure of the four types.

Because desiccators can be the most economical, they are worth considering for storage and drying but cannot provide environmental control beyond this. They also do not deliver fast responses.

Which is Best for Your Lab?                                                        

Between desiccators, glove boxes, incubators, and environmental chambers, determine which chamber is best by asking:

  • What specific environment will be needed?
  • What level of reliability or precision is necessary?
  • Is safety an issue to consider?

The answers to these questions will likely reveal the best choice. For remaining questions, please contact our technical support experts.
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