Which Glove Boxes are Best for My Lab?

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From glove boxes to incubators to environmental chambers, how do reserachers decide which equipment suits best? While some overlap in capabilities exists, each chamber type offers distinct uses.Cole-Parmer® Economical Glove Box

Glove boxes enable the manipulation of materials within a sealed, transparent environment. Typically used for chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical applications, laser welding, and specialty chemicals, glove boxes are highly versatile. With their unique design, they prevent contact between users and potentially hazardous materials. The isolator chamber of the box contains slots with gloves that are sealed airtight. The glove slots allow users to handle items inside the chamber.

Substances that work well in the isolated environment of the glove box are radioactive isotopes, viruses, DNA, and toxic chemicals. In addition to offering containment, glove boxes can control environmental parameters such as temperature, moisture, oxygen, and more. Two types of glove boxes are:

  • Glove boxes for use with hazardous materials include HEPA and organic vapor filter safety valves to protect users from particulates and harmful vapors.
  • Glove boxes that provide a high-purity inert atmosphere.

Gloves are available in rubber, neoprene, or nitrile or may be treated for handling hazardous substances.

Which is Best for Your Lab?                                                        

Between desiccators, glove boxes, incubators, and environmental chambers, determine which chamber is best by asking:

  • What specific environment will be needed?
  • What level of reliability or precision is necessary?
  • Is safety an issue to consider?

The answers to these questions will likely reveal the best choice. For remaining questions, please contact our technical support experts.
Also view our selection of desiccators, glove boxes, incubators, and environmental chambers.

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