Which Incubator will suit my laboratory?

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Incubators are possibly our most common laboratory chamber. Incubators provide a controlled, contamination-free environment for growing cell and tissue cultures and bacterial cultures. They maintain consistent temperature, humidity, oxygen, and carbon dioxide to protect samples. Microbiologists and molecular biologists rely on these chambers for their experimental work.Cole-Parmer® StableTemp® Digital Incubator

Five primary types are available:

  1. General-purpose incubators include mechanical (or forced) convection which feature a fan for strong air dispersion and uniformity; and gravity (or natural) convection for an environment with low airflow turbulence.
  2. Carbon dioxide incubators create an optimal simulation of the natural cellular growth environment.
  3. Refrigerated incubators are ideal for biological oxygen demand (BOD) and chemical oxygen demand (COD) determinations, cell and bacterial cultures, and other applications requiring a controlled environment below and above ambient temperatures.
  4. Shaking incubators provide agitation and eliminate the need for additional equipment while also saving space. Use these for liquid cultures and washing blots.
  5. BOD incubators or low-temperature incubators produce precise temperature control for biochemical oxygen demand applications.

Please don’t use these chambers when working with hazardous substances.

Which is Best for Your Lab?                                                        

Between desiccators, glove boxes, incubators, and environmental chambers, determine which chamber is best by asking:

  • What specific environment will be needed?
  • What level of reliability or precision is necessary?
  • Is safety an issue to consider?

The answers to these questions will likely reveal the best choice. For remaining questions, please contact our technical support experts.
Also view our selection of desiccators, glove boxes, incubators, and environmental chambers.

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