World First: Chemistry Pirani Vacuum Sensor

Vacuubrand Vacuum sensor VSP 3000

Vacuubrand’s new VSP 3000 Chemistry Pirani Vacuum Sensor features unmatched corrosion resistance and mechanical robustness for fine vacuum measurement.

The VSP 3000 is designed for use in chemistry and process engineering.

The VSP 3000 can be combined with Vacuubrand’s DCP 3000 vacuum gauge or CVC 3000 vacuum controller to provide a measurement range from atmospheric pressure to fine vacuum. A maximum of eight external gauge heads – four chemistry Pirani sensors type VSK 3000 (Atm. -10-3 mbar) and four ceramic capacitive sensors VSP 3000 (Atm. 0.1 mbar) can be connected simultaneously to the DCP 3000 and CVC 3000 for easy measurements at multiple points.

The VACUU.BUS control system features standardised plug connectors and cable lengths of up to 30 meters. The VACUU.BUS is self configuring and easy to use.


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